Wearing the Brown Scapular

Wearing the Brown Scapular

"WhosoevBrown Scapularer dies wearing this Scapular Shall not suffer eternal fire!" ... Our Lady of Mount Carmel to Simon Stock July 16, 1251

No matter how extraordinary this promise may appear to be, the Blessed Mother made it and She will keep it. At the word of Her FIAT, She conceived by the Holy Ghost and the Incarnate Word became Man. If Almighty God, in obedience to the word of the priest every day at Holy Mass, comes down upon our Altars Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, will He refuse His Mother this grace for Her children!

“To save souls from Hell, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.” – Fatima. 1917

True devotion to Mary consists in three things: Veneration, Confidence and Love. Without saying to Mary that we venerate Her, love Her and trust in Her protection, we tell Her all these things every moment of the day by simply wearing Her Brown Scapular.

“The Scapular will be for all The Sign of our Consecration to The Immaculate Heart of Mary.” – Pope Pius XII

The Scapular is a Prayer – Mary’s Motherhood is not limited to Catholics; it is extended to ALL MEN. Many miracles of conversion have been obtained through the devout wearing of the Scapular. The Scapular is a great missionary Sacramental. After the Rosary, the Scapular is the most highly indulgenced Sacramental in the Church.

Love the Scapular! – Wear it Always! – Venerate it Often!

“What a terrible shame that so many ignore Our Blessed Mother’s request and, even more, have never heard of it. What a great loss of grace for mankind! Become an apostle of the Brown Scapular!”

The Brown Scapular is a Sacramental!
A Sacramental is anything set aside by Holy Mother the Church to excite pious thoughts and increase devotion. Through these movements of the heart, venial sin is remitted and grace imparted. The possession of grace is the FOUNDATION OF PEACE. Let everyone wear the Scapular!

The first Scapular worn should be blessed by a priest and imposed by him (if possible). Any priest may bless and enroll in the Confraternity. After having received the initial blessed Scapular from a priest, no other Scapular need be blessed before wearing. The blessing and imposition are attached to the wearer for life. Every priest has the privilege of enrolling in the Scapular Confraternity.

The Scapular is ‘Mary’s Mantle.’ made of wool, and MUST be worn over the shoulders so that one piece falls in front, the other in the back. Each time the Scapular is kissed with devotion, 500 days indulgence is granted to those in the state of grace. The Scapular Medal was created only for those who would suffer grave inconvenience in wearing the cloth and the indulgence of 500 days does NOT apply to the Medal. To obtain the graces and promise of the Scapular, it must be worn constantly. It should be worn day and night in sickness and in health.

When the Scapular is worn-out, being a sacred object, it should not be thrown in the regular garbage but should be burned or buried.

The Sabbatine Privilege consists of Our Lady’s promise to release from Purgatory, through her special intercession, on the first Saturday after their death, those who meet these three requirements:

  1. (1) You must wear the Scapular;
  2. (2) You must observe chastity according to your state of life;
  3. (3) You must recite daily the Little Office of Our Blessed Mother. (The Rosary or some other pious work may be substituted for the Office. ALL CONFESSORS were given faculty to make this substitution by Pope Leo XIII in June of 1901.

Am All Thine. O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Save Me!

Scapular wearers share in the daily prayers of the Carmelite Order and the worldwide good works of some two hundred million members of the Scapular Confraternity.
A Sign of Salvation!
A Protection in Danger!
A Pledge of Peace!

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