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The Miracle of The Sun - October 13th, 1917 | View The Video

This video had many eye-witnesses.  These accounts of the "Miracle of the Sun", in this video below give us some details as to what this 
"Miracle of the Sun" really was.  This video is a summary of what 
made the "Miracle of the Sun" 
a genuine miracle. 

The hour for the "Miracle of the Sun" had come. 

The presence of the three little children was 
announced shortly before the scheduled time 
of the apparition and "Miracle of the Sun". 

Front Page News: The Miracle of the Sun  |  Anti-Clerical Press newspaper reported on "the Miracle of the Sun" newspaper OSeculo Spainish Newspaper Report
Our Lady appears to the children. A few dozen curious people are with the children. The crowd sees only a small white cloud hovering over the shrub where Our Lady is appearing to the children.
Our Lady of Fatima's Promise of Protection Prophecized by the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima
Photographs of the Crowd Taken During the Actual Miracle of the Sun
A drenching, very heavy, rain poured down all night long.  It should be noted that this extremely heavy rain was a change in the weather pattern from what it had been earlier that fall season. Some commentators think this was a last-ditch effort on the part of Satan to discourge people and to keep away those who were still on their way towards the Cova and to drive away those people trying to sleep, out in the open, on the very cold, wet, rain-soaked groud, with no protection whatever from the continous heavy downpour of rain.
30,000 people crowded around in drenching heavy rain to witness the "Miracle of the Sun" which was reported by many eye-witnesses on October 13th, 1917.
This video runs for approximately 5 minutes.  
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