World Apostolate of Fatima, St Louis Division
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Saint Louis Division
6009 Heege Road 
Saint Louis, Missouri 63123

Last Tuesday of the Month
9 am - 11 am
A Holy Hour at the World Apostolate of Fatima Headquarters.
World Apostolate Headquarters, 
6009 Heege Road, Affton, MO 63123

Pray for the persecuted in the Middle East 

The World Apostolate of Fatima - St Louis has begun a monthly holy hour at the WAF Headquarters to pray for the persecuted christians in the Middle East. 

The Holy Hour begins with the 9 AM Liturgy. In Eastern Rite Churches, we stand as a symbol of Christ's resurrection. We bow to show humility and respect. Languages sung and spoken are recited in English, Syriac/Aramaic and Arabic including the consecration since Arabic was the language that Jesus spoke. 

When it is time for the Kiss of Peace, the blessing comes down from the altar. Hands are not shaken as in the Roman Rite. When a person turns to you to pass the kiss of peace, their palms will be pressed together. The receiving person places their palms on the outside and then brings their palms together and passes the kiss of peace to the next person.

We stand to receive Communion by mouth, by intinction. There is no Communion in the hands as in the Roman Rite. For the Lord's Prayer, we raise our hands in supplication, palms extended upwards.

After the Liturgy the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. The Rosary, Divine Mercy chaplet and other prayers are then offered for the persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

The Holy Hour is conducted on the last Wednesday of the month. 

For Syria and persecuted Christians - Click Here, and Click Here 
Our Lady of Fatima - World Apostolate of Fatima St Louis Division
Pray for the persecuted in the Middle East @
World Apostolate of Fatima Headquarters
6009 Heege Road
Affton, Mo 63123

Last Tuesday of Month from 
9 am - 11 am

9 AM Liturgy
The Rosary, Divine Mercy chaplet
 and other prayers are then offered.

Last Tuesday of the Month - A Holy Hour at WAF Headquarters